Remarketing & Disposal

Asset Recycling and Remarketing Services

Information Systems Resources provides a cost-effective process to dispose of technology assets and recover maximum value from idle desktop technology. Our solution includes complete logistics and processing capabilities that exceed Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FIPPA and EPA guidelines, and the re-marketing of usable assets through a global broker network. Our program provides the necessary services to assist with minimizing the cost of retiring IT assets and maximizing the sale proceeds of the assets that are retired.

ISR offers our clients the flexibility of picking up IT assets at either the end users office, or from a warehouse location. Assets are transported to our 110,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility centrally located in Dearborn,  MI where they are processed for re-marketing or disposal. ISR provides hard drive data overwrite services that include single, triple or seven pass overwrite capability that meets HIPAA, U.S. Defense Department and International security standards. Occasionally, PC’s and servers will not boot due to hardware or software failure. In this case, ISR staff drill the hard drive and make the device completely inoperable.

ISR staff removes asset tags and client insignia, and separate assets into one of the following categories:

  • Depose
  • Remarket
  • Donate

Disposed Assets

Assets that do not have re-sale value are disposed in accordance with EPA regulations. In short, monitors and laser printers have hazardous materials and must be disposed at an approved recycling center, where all assets are separated and crushed. ISR will provide a Certificate of Recycling, documenting environmental compliance.


Assets that are deemed to have re-sale value are sold at the highest possible market prices via ISR’s established international broker network. We can also administer an employee buy-back program of refurbished assets, which includes a 30-day warranty

Donated Assets

If requested, ISR will donate working assets to a charitable organization (school, church, etc). Donated assets will be delivered locally, or can be picked-up at ISR by the pre-approved organization.

Our Asset Recycling program provides the necessary services to assist organizations with minimizing the cost of retiring IT assets, and maximizing the sale proceeds of the assets that are retired. Our service optimizes value by:

Disposing of equipment that has zero market value in accordance with EPA and HIPAA guidelines. Re-marketing desktop assets at the highest possible market prices.
Documenting asset retirement events in the form of ongoing reports.

IT assets acceptable for recycling include:

  • CPU
  • LCD Monitor
  • Terminal
  • Storage Device
  • WAN Device
  • Telephone systems
  • Server
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Networking Device
  • Mainframe Device

ISR becomes an agent working on behalf of our clients to effectively manage the asset retirement process. Our goal is to remain “budget neutral” (revenue generated from the sale of retired assets can offset the costs associated with asset disposal).


Project Management
ISR assigns a Project Manager to interface with each client organization to address and document the logistical and operational procedures. Some of the relevant project issues may include the following:

  • Packing and loading equipment
  • Determining the status of the equipment (e.g. dispose vs. re-market).
  • Reporting on inventory received, sold, stored, disposed, or re-deployed.
  • Entering into sales transactions.

Warehouse Facilities

ISR’s asset disposition processing facility is centrally located in Dearborn Michigan and receives assets from throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our total warehouse capacity is approximately 110,000 sq. ft. with storage racks that can accommodate 200,000 assets given a normal mix of CPU’s, monitors, and printers. The facility is secured by an alarm system that is monitored on a 24-hours basis. The warehouse is accessible during regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, except for holidays.


Asset Reporting: Our clients receive the following ongoing reports:

  • Pick up Report: Details the description and unique identifiers of assets received, including processing fees.
  • Sales/Disposal Report: Details the description and unique identifiers of all assets sold or recycled including recycling fees and revenue generated.


ISR has the systems, processes, people and experience in place to accurately manage your asset recycling needs. Our international network of brokers, coupled with a superior recycling program ensures our clients of the highest remarketing revenue available and the knowledge that assets are recycled accordance with EPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA guidelines.