About ISR
Complete Cradle to Grave I.T. Services

With more than 25 years of experience in the distributed computing industry, Information Systems Resources (ISR) offers an extensive suite of value-added technology services to help organizations plan, build and manage their networks, lower their costs, reduce the complexity of their environments, and lower their systems development risks.

ISR provides a range of asset management cradle-to-grave services including front-end services for procurement, warehousing, equipment staging, software image management, asset tagging, and just-in-time delivery and installation.


Information Systems Resources (ISR) offers an extensive suite of CRADLE-TO-GRAVE value-added Asset Management Services.


ISR sells hardware for your workplace from computers and peripherals to servers and routers. We are a reseller for IBM/Lenovo, HP/Compaq, and Dell computer systems. Hardware is sold on a “cost plus” basis. We also resell software such as Microsoft, Citrix and other companies.



ISR maintains a 110,000 square foot state of the art warehouse, staging, and logistics facility in Dearborn, MI. We can store the assets until your organization is ready to use them. This will allow you to plan better and lower your costs by purchasing a larger volume of systems.


Equipment Staging

ISR can assemble/disassemble, configure, test and temporarily stage assets prior to them being deployed. This will help assure that all components of your system are working as expected when you take delivery.


Software Image Management

ISR can load your systems with customized software images and “shrink-wrapped” software, assuming appropriate licenses exist.


Asset Tagging

ISR can affix asset tags to all servers, desktops, notebooks, monitors, expansion bases, printers, etc. Labels can be generated to affix to the system boxes that display key asset information.


Delivery and Installation

ISR can provide just-in-time delivery of your equipment. We can deliver the equipment to your facility at your request. Our technicians can install the equipment at your location if desired.